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Getting to Debrecen by Rail

By rail

Nagyállomás has an important role in public transportation of Debrecen too since several buses and the tram depart from here. Nagyállomás is the end station for the following lines: tram nr. 1, bus nr. 10, bus nr. 10A, bus nr. 10Y, bus nr.16, bus nr.18, bus nr.18Y, bus nr. 21, bus nr.31, bus nr.32, bus nr.34, bus nr.35, bus nr.35E, bus nr.35Y, bus nr.36, bus nr.36E, bus nr.39, bus nr.42, bus nr.43, bus nr.44, bus nr.44Y, bus nr.46, bus nr.47, bus nr.48, bus nr.49, bus nr.49I, CORA1 bus.

Address: 4025 Debrecen, Petőfi tér 12.
Tel.: +36-40-494-949
Opening times: Monday-Sunday: 03:45-23:45

Phone booking: MÁVDIREKT - 06 (40) 49 49 49 (00.00-24.00 with local tarifs)