Getting around in Debrecen – Travel inside Debrecen

You will find detailed information to plan your stay in Debrecen: public transport, taxi services, Debrecen by car, parking.

Getting around in Debrecen
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Getting around

Getting around

Although Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary it’s still good to live there. If you have a comfortable pair of shoes you can discover the attractions of the city on foot too. If you don’t prefer walking around the city, you can use the excellent public transportation to get into any part of the Debrecen. Information boards at bus stops are easy to undertstand. The density of public transport is quite good on weekdays, on weekends it’s a bit less. We suggest you to buy your ticket in advance, because inspections are frequent. There are no night buses in Debrecen, after 23.00 you can only travel by taxi, which is not so expensive. New in town that parking is free in the city center from Friday at 12.00 until Monday at 6.00. On weekdays it is useful to park your car in one of the parking lots in shopping centers since they are 2-3 hours free of charge.

DKV timetable is available on the follwing website: