Hajdú Folk ensemble

Hajdú Folk ensemble
Debrecen, Hatvan Utca 32.
+36 52 419 638

The Debrecen Hajdú Folk Ensemble was established in 1953 and belongs to Kölcsey Cultural Center. There are seven amateur groups in the Ensemble with 400 members ranging  from six to thirty years of age. The adult group has over thirty members and gives up to sixty performances a year. Traditional and original folk dances of the Hungarian speaking areas of  Central Europe can be found in the group's repertoire. Hungarian dances vary according to geographical regions and different styles of dance. Traditional folk dances are rich and colourful and include the czardas, recuiting dances, the jumper dance, sheperd and swaggers' circle dances, as well as dramatic dances. Many original national costumes, folk songs and folk music accompanying the dances represent the Hungarian nation's art, mentality, taste and character.

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