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Galleries & Exhibition Halls in Debrecen

Exhibiton halls & galleries

4024 Debrecen, Batthyány utca 24
+36 (52) 532836
The gallery is in the center of the city. There are 12-14 traitional local art exhibitions in every year. The place of the exhibition consist of 3 different welllighted rooms.
4026 Debrecen, Múzeum utca 3
06 52 316-566
Monday and friday: closed, other days: 11.00-17.00
The exhibition presents the history of the post and telecommunication. We also can see the stamp collection of the Kossuth prize winner professor Dr. Soós Rezső. The exhibition hall is located in front of the Déri Museum.
4012 Debrecen, Nagyedei körút 98
+36 (52) 411600
Exhibitions of fine arts:An exciting series of exhibitions, one after the other (graphic arts, painting, photography, sculpture).
4026 Debrecen, Baltazár Dezső tér 1
+36 (52) 525018, 06/52-518-476
The region’s largest art gallery is the MODEM Modern and Contemporary Arts Centre in Debrecen’s historical centre, in the recently renovated Baltazár Dezső Square, halfway between the Déri Museum and the Kölcsey Centre. The 4,650 square metre building, with its three storeys contains almost 3000 metres of exhibition space. On the second floor the ...
4024 Debrecen, Nagy Gál István utca 6
+36 (52) 321260
Tuesday-friday 10.00 és 17.00, saturday 10.00-14.00
The Tímárház is a folk-craft centre and workshop, where embroiderers, basket weavers, carvers and so on do their stuff in rotation.Timárház at No. 6 in Nagy Gál Street is a significant memorial to the history of manufacturing industries in Debrecen. The exhibitions mainly show the works of masters of traditional crafts from the region. We can learn ...

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