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You will find detailed information to plan your recreation in Debrecen: spas, wellness, fitness, private-, dental and eye clinics, plastic surgery.

Debrecen Recreational Facilities

Health & wellness

Debrecen baths Wellness in Debrecen
Hungary belongs to the leading health spa countries in Europe since there are 390 registered thermal springs in 85 places. The bathing culture in Debrecen is very remarkable, the thermal spring in Nagyerdő was found in 1820. After realizing the theraputic effect of thermal water the construction of the health spa began. More and more people recognize the role of a healthy lifestyle in disease prevention and long-term wellbeing. Wellness services in Debrecen offer more than 60 different traditional and special treatments for those wish to beautify and refresh. From slimming and detoxifying marine algae baths through tropical spa baths to the eastern therapies dozens of pampering treatments are available.
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Fitness in Debrecen Debrecen private clinics
Check out our fitness catalogue and choose from the listed fitness rooms with quality services in Debrecen. Perhaps the local medical university is the reason that many private clinics operate in Debrecen performing screening, surgery, diagnostic tests and special orders in high-quality conditions.
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Debrecen dental clinics Plastic surgery in Debrecen
Do not wait until you go mad from pain, visit one of the dental clinics in Debrecen in right time, because pain can be prevented with high quality dental and oral surgery services. Plastic surgeries in Debrecen offer quality services for reasonable prices: liposuction, nose, ears, chest of plastic, anti-wrinkle treatment, hair transplantation, laser surgery or skin rejuvenation.
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Debrecen eye clinics Beauty salons in Debrecen
High-class eye clinics in Debrecen offering quality services: laser eye surgery, glaucoma removal, surgery againts myopia and distance vision. Check out the catalogue of beauty salons in Debrecen and choose from the quality services: cosmetics, nail care, hair salon, tanning, make-up tattoos.
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