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Restaurants Confectioneries
Excellent chefs, the finest food specialities, great flavours and unique restaurants awaits guests coming to Debrecen. Top gastronomic excursion. You can’t deny these cakes. Debreceni béles, Dobos cake, Rákóczi túrós and many other delicacies.
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Cafes Pubs & bars
Enjoy the coffee house atmosphere of old times and read daily newspapers in one of the downtown cafés. Feel the history at Csokonai's or Kossuth's table.
When the night has come, the city shows its other face! Pubs will be crowded and the party begins. It’s easy to meet new people and friends in a great bar.
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Wine bars
Wine fask tables and chairs, the finest hungarian wines, soft music and chatting about the great things of life with a glass of wine. Do you really want more? Everybody likes the famoust food on earth, but have you ever eaten a pizza in Debrecen?
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