KonzervArtaudrium Theatre Workshop

KonzervArtaudrium Theatre Workshop
Debrecen Nagyerdei krt. 98. a DOTE II. Kollégium alagsora
06 30 911-6984

KonzervArtaudrium,  founded  in  1999,  is  more  like  a  theatre  workshop  with permanent members. Their first performances, still part of their repertoire, were short  absurd  plays  and  improvised  actions.  Their  themes,  sets,  costumes  and props  are  all  absurd  and,  at  the  same  time,  simple,  ’poor’,  ordinary  and  real. Some  of  their  performances  are written  and  directed  by  company members.
They  wish  to  create  and  use  a  theatrical  language  which  is  able  to  address
the  audience  and  which  is  legitimate  even  in  the  21st century.  They  believe experimenting,  humour,  improvisative  skills  and  a  direct  contact with  the audience are all most important.

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