Tanner's House

Tanner's House
4024 Debrecen, Nagy Gál István utca 6
+36 (52) 321260
Tuesday-friday 10.00 és 17.00, saturday 10.00-14.00

The Tímárház is a folk-craft centre and workshop, where embroiderers, basket weavers, carvers and so on do their stuff in rotation.

Timárház at No. 6 in Nagy Gál Street is a significant memorial to the history of manufacturing industries in Debrecen. The exhibitions mainly show the works of masters of traditional crafts from the region. We can learn about trades such as “szűrrátétes” (appliqué making for traditional Hungarian felt cloaks), dressmaking, embroidery, pottery, dyeing in blue and bone-lace making. The so-called visual workshops allow an insight into the practical tricks of the trade.

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