Orthodox Synagogue

Orthodox Synagogue
4025 Debrecen, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u. 26.

Nowadays the Jewish Community of Debrecen is an active and living community. We emphasize keeping the religious life. We have the ritual institutions that are essential: micve, kosher kitchen (meat). Every morning and evening there is a minjan in the Bet Hamidras of Pasti Street and we hold all holidays according to our traditional laws.

Intentions of micve use, please notify in advance at the very least two days.

We can safely provide kosher meat. Beyond the preparing of daily lunch our kitchen caters for indvidual needs: cold dishes, cakes, cold package to groups etc. Every Tuesday cholent, and every Thursday afternoon pancakes await the guests. We make lunch for – both the inland and the foreign – guests  with preoccupation. The minimal time of the occupation is two days.

The Club of the Elders arm in arm with Women Society take care of the holocaust survival members. We hold important professions with the youngsters, bringing up of the next generation. Our Organization of Youth is a member of the Union of Jewish Students.

The building of the community and the synagogues are alike located in the heart of the city, 2-3 minutes from the Arany Bika Hotel. In the centre a single room guest flat (for 3 persons) is available, moreover we can help with the booking of accommodation.

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