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Debrecen General Info – Debrecen, Hungary

Information about Debrecen

Location: it is located on the east side of Hajdú-Bihar county, 230 km from Budapest. The roman border can be found around 35 km to the east. Highways starts from Debrecen: 4, 33, 35, 47, 48, 354, 471. Motorways: M35. Railways: 100, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110 and 333. Area: 46165 ha. GPS coordinates : 47.53253, 21.62537

Climate: it’s nice especially in summer. The number of sunny hours according to the annual average is 2000 yearly. The hottest month is July, the coldest is January, so the annual average temperature is around 10 °C.

Population: Debrecen is recently the second populous city in Hungary. It was the largest city in the 18. century. Nowadays there are 206225 residents in Debrecen.

Transport: Nowadays the Debrecen Transport Limited is responsible for public transport in the city. There are three vehicles (tram, trolley, bus) are on 69 line (1 tram, 5 trollies, 63 buses) available.

Air traffic: the Debrecen International Airport is the major and busiest airport in East Hungary. It is one of 5 international airports in Hungary, it is located 5 km to the south from the city center by the highway nr. 47. There are several flights to Antalya, Burgas, Dresden and Monastir. Seasonal flights are available to Italy and Russia. From 18 June 2012 there is a regular Wizz Air flight between London-Luton and Debrecen, and from 15 December there will be flights to Eindhoven in Holland and from 16 December to Malpensa, Milano.

Education: Debrecen has a very important role in education since the 16. century. The university of Debrecen with more than 30 000 students and 1500 teachers is one of the largest educational institution of the country. With its 15 faculties and 24 graduate school it offers a wide range of training and research facilities.

Sport: Debrecen has a prominent role in the national sporting life since decades. There were several developments in the city in the last couple of years: in 2002 the Főnix Stadium, in 2006 the Sport Swimming Pool were built. In 2001 the new athletic stadium was constructed and in 2005 the stadium in Olah Gábor street was extended with a ice-rink. There are already plans about a new stadium in Nagyerdő. The football team of Debrecen is called Debreceni Vasutas Sport Club (DVSC). Their colours are red and white. Since the middle of the 90s DVSC is one of the  gretaest football teams in Hungary, they won the championship 5 times in the last couple of years.

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